NIBORA Ltd. is a private trading company founded in 1993 in the town of Pleven, Bulgaria. The company imports and supplies components for manufacturing and repair of industrial and agricultural machinery.
The company is a direct importer and major supplier of precision balls made of chromium, stainless and carbon steel, special alloys, plastics and ceramic; as well as cylindrical rollers and ball transfer units.
The company has established itself as a major importer of roller and special chains  for industrial, agricultural and food processing machinery from the Czech Republic, Italy and China.
Since 2015, NIBORA Ltd. is an exclusive sales representative of FLITECH – an Italian company, manufacturing conveyor screws. The company offers a wide range of conveyor screws on stock – right and left, carbon and stainless steel, different thicknesses and diameters ranging from 50 mm to 450 mm. Conveyor screws up to 700 mm or specific sizes and applications, as well as segments of conveyor screws can also be supplied on demand.
The company is a direct importer of worm gearboxes, asynchronous motors, sprockets, couplings, taper bushings and locking assemblies, spur gear racks, stainless wire cloths and meshes.
As a distributor NIBORA Ltd. specializes in the market of MOTOVARIO gearboxes and variators, conveyor belts, as well as belts and belt pulleys, perforated sheets, silicone and PTFE fabric, engineering plastics and conveyor components.
All of the products that the company offers correspond with the most advanced technologys and are produced by reputable manufacturers, with traditions of high quality and reliability. The company has a modern warehouse and trained staff to offer our customers competent advice, efficient engineering solutions and express delivery.
Oscillating mountiings
Power transmission chains
Elevator buckets
Belt Pulleys
Conveyor components
Taper Bushes
Locking Assemblies
Cylindrical and needle rollers
Bearing balls
Bearing housings
Spur gears and racks
Motor base
Stainless wire cloths and screens
Perforated sheet
PTFE fabric
Ball transfer units
Engineering plastics
Conveyor belts
Conveyor rollers