NIBORA ltd. supplies conveyor belts, used mainly in the food processing industry – for production of bread and bakery, as well as in the  sugar industry, in the processing of vegetables, meat and fish, packaging, bottling and labeling industries.

Conveyor belts are also widely used in paper production, woodworking, textile, glass and tobacco industries, in printing and large logistic centers and airports. The specific needs of the industry, the type of transported products and the operating conditions  determine the material of the conveyor belt – PVC, polyurethane, polyolefin, polyester or silicone.  The company also offers conveyor belts with different types of transverse and longitudinal profiles, enabling transportation of products on inclined surfaces, as well as plastic modular conveyor belts that allow operation under adverse conditions – moist environments and low  temperatures. They are easy to clean and are driven with no slip through special sprockets. For heavy duty application and weather conditions he company delivers rubber conveyor belts as well as wire conveyor belts  for special applications.