NIBORA ltd. is a direct importer of a helicoid flighting (spirals) for screw conveyors and an exclusive representative of the Italian manufacturer FLITECH SRL, specializing in the production and repair of spiral and screws.

The most common use of screw conveyors is for transportation of bulk and granulated materials and seeds in oil-factories, silos, mills, animal and bird farms, fodder factories, in packaging machines and feeders in the cement and chemical industries.

The company commonly  offers spirals with a length of 3 meters, made of carbon or stainless steel. The outer diameter of the spirals ranges from 50 to 700 mm, right or left, with different thicknesses.

We also deliver flexible spirals – an alternative to the conveyor screws. They are installed and operate without an internal shaft and are mainly used at long screws with a possibility of axial deviations and even with turns  the screw.